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Belize Punta Gorda 2022 Trip

3n1 Tournament June 2022

Elevation Sports hosted a local 2 day tournament at Fairview High School which was a great opportunity to minister to the elementary through high school kids in the community. The 3 person teams competed in flag football, soccer, corn hole, homerun derby, spike ball, and basketball. Kevin Starks, Lipscomb Academy basketball coach, shared the gospel and talked about the “dash” (your life between birth and death). Jeff Boyet, Executive Pastor of One Church Home, shared about finding courage through God’s strength. Many volunteers made it an enjoyable event.

Trip to Belize December 2021

Over the Christmas & New Years break of 2021, some of the Elevation Sports team ministered in Armenia just south of the capital city Belmopan, Belize. Approximately 100 youth joined us for a soccer training session, devotion, lunch, and a tournament that followed. Building up to the camp, we worked on the field a couple of days trying to make it as nice as possible. Elevation Sports served the community and shared the love of Christ.

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